Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang
Just a gorgeous shot.


Nörway Röcks!

Further to my odd fascination with Norwegian black metal, this week’s New Yorker magazine runs a great photo essay by photographer Peter Beste on black metal bands and fans. I think it is the incongruity with the light bright of Norway and the freakest bleakest aesthetic of these metal heads. And this isn’t just playing dress up, these fellows take the back metal philosophy way seriously. Hell hath no fury like a Norseman scorned?

                                                                                        (this one just cracks me up!)

All photos © Peter Beste


Giant Schnauzers

Big Dog, Fanny Cafe, Berkeley, Don Colley


 I love Don Colley's work, mostly because it is so unabashedly disturbing, but this picture I thought was just lovely. It captures sitting outside in California, the terra cotta radiating the warmth of the sun. Colley is a wonderful sketcher, capturing faces, profiles, scenes in various stages of unaware. That his sketchbook is usually a found ledger adds to the spontaneous feel. Check out his website: http://buttnekkiddoodles.com/ .


Capitalist Tool: Camper Bike and Camper Kart

Fueling those escapist fantasies, Kevin Cyr just made getting away from it all a whole lot easier. Be sure to check out the cozy interiors! www.kevincyr.net

Kevin Cyr, Camper Bike

Kevin Cyr, Camper Kart

(via SwissMiss)


Things are not always as they seem ...

When I first saw this, I thought it was a very pretty Donald Sultan-y watercolor. Turns out that it is Neisseria gonorrhoeae--or, Gonorrhea bacteria. Who know VD could look so pretty? (PopSci)