Reinaldo Loureiro, Hothouse

Once a deserted land and traditionally an impoverished territory, today the Almeria, Dalías and Níjar fields represent the largest concentration of plastic greenhouses in the world. This photo essay documents how the mass-production of vegetables for northern European markets has dramatically shaped the landscape of the region. Southeast Spain is still one of the main arrival points of migrants from Africa into the European Union and more than 20,000 undocumented workers are systematically employed in this labour-intensive industry. Many have to endure extreme living and working conditions; most have set sail across a murderous sea only to become trapped in the red tape of immigration rules in this imposing maze of white plastic.
London, 2009



Come late August, we all have a little Sonny in us

Dog Day Afternoon, the freaking brilliant film by Sidney Lumet, captures the stress of the city bar none, and how the incessant unrelenting heat can make a man, or woman, snap. Just like that. Go under. Stop fighting it and pick up the gun.

August has always kinda sucked in the city. The frolics of June and July and the outdoor concerts and events and parties have petered out, every shrink is out of town, and each day ends covered in grime. The clock clicks off each minute towards summer's end like fat drips from a leaky faucet. Anyone who loves New York City in August must have the means to escape it. A HoJo in Algeria? Yes please.


Capitalist Tool: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

1959 Giulietta Spider

I've wanted one of these for about as long as I can remember (save for the brief moment in fourth grade when I wanted a purple metal-flake VW). Only produced 1954-1965. Is that not the most beautiful nose? 


Dream House

Dream Home 2009  $70,000 worth of discarded lottery tickets, cardboard, foam, wood, and steel

Ghost of a Dream has created clever and quite lovely objects from discarded lottery tickets--truly ghosts of a dream. Especially effective to me is that each item depicted is created from the roughly the same amount of lottery tickets as the dollar cost of the item itself. So many people with a dollar and a dream...

clock from Dream Home
detail of the sideboard and mirror from Dream Home