Fred Stonehouse

Fred Stonehouse’s paintings are the perfect combination of medieval marginalia, flaming milagros, deep swamp voodoo and high art brut, equally at home on 13th century vellum or the hood of a '64 Impala. He sticks to acrylic on panel. Viewing his work is like wandering the inferno in a fever dream, led by a carny clown who just shanked Virgil and kicked him into the ditch.

That back room that your crazy aunt told you never to go into? Yeah, Fred Stonehouse is in there, painting. Best not interrupt him.

I strongly encouage you to check out his other phenomenal work.

1 comment:

  1. Where did you find this guy?! What a visceral reaction I had to the pieces mrs is showing. I wanted to get closer to them so I could be repelled, again and again. Very seductive.