Don Colley

Le Beau Monde, 2005. George Adams Gallery
I first saw Don Colley's work at his "Fall Guys and Zeitgeists" show at the George Adams Gallery in the spring of 2005. His small but vibrant portraits of bad clowns and bad situations gone worse were haunting. I remember going from picture to picture thinking, jesus christ! They convey the moment right before you die, alone. In his pictures there is no reprieve, no last-second call from the governor. It is bleakness in full panoramic color, and he had me at hello.

Playing on the almost universal and organic fear of clowns and the gypsy mysticism of carny life, Colley draws us into situations where there is no way out. His scale is intimate and his custom frames intricate, and while many of his works are pen and ink on paper, he also creates images through scratches on plastic, which remind me of one of his subjects scratching the walls hoping for the release that will never come.

Judicious, 2004.
George Adams Gallery

I would buy one of these in a heartbeat if I had any money. But lord, where would I hang it? In the sunny anteroom? Next to my bed to gaze at as I fall asleep?

Check out Don Colley's website.

Western Light, 2004.
George Adams Gallery

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